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gua sha Therapy for Fever

Fever refers to a condition in which the body temperature exceeds the normal range of 36.2 -37.2 Degree. According to traditional Chinese medicine, fever can be caused by external contraction or internal injury. Those with external contraction usually present with symptoms of an exterior syndrome such as high-grade fever, sudden onset, and aversion to cold. Those with internal injury usually present with persistent low-grade fever due to a variety of possible primary diseases. Here, Gua sha therapy is mainly used for fever due to external contraction.

1,Major points

Fengchi(GB20), Dazhui(GV14),Quchi(LI11),Fengmen(BL12),and Waiguan(SJ5). (See Fig.55-56)



2,Point combination

For sore throat and cough, combine with Lieque(LU7),Yuji(LU10),and Chize(LU5)


1) Scrape the major points with heavy pressure,2-3 lines for each point until red spots or petechia appear.

2) Combine other points on the basis of specific symptoms untill Sha marks appear.

3) The practitioner can also scrape from the cervical area to L4, and scrape Quchi(LI11) and the elbow area.

4,Cautionary notes

1) Since fever can be caused by compilicated factors, the practitioner should be clear about the specific reason before commencing Gua sha therapy.

2) Those with a persistent high-grade fever need to go to hospital for comprehensive measures.

3) Ask the patient to supplement water before and after gua sha, keep warm and take rest to avoid wind-cold after gua sha is complete.


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